Mobile Site Design

What is a mobile or mobile-enabled web site?

A mobile or mobile-enabled web site is as specially-designed web site built to look great and to be easy to use on a mobile device such as a smart phone. According to the latest statistics, mobile traffic to websites will overtake desktop by March 2017 based on the current rate of growth.

Why is it important?

The internet experience on a Smartphone phone is completely different than on a computer-based browser and can be quite frustrating for users because small screens require zooming and panning plus clicking on links can be challenging. iPhones don't and will not support Flash which is the most popular form of animation used in conventional web sites. This means much of your content will simply not be seen on a mobile device.

How it will work?

Users browsing your web site will simply browse to your URL (web address) as they do now and my technology will automatically determine whether to display your current "full" web site or your mobile site. All this is completely transparent to the user. No need for those annoying links at the top of the site saying "Click here for our mobile site".

Best of all I can have you up and running quickly: in most cases in a few days or a week or two. All this for a price in the hundreds, not thousands of dollars.

How can I help?

I employ the latest technology to implement a mobile web site that includes your current content using industry standard best practices so that your site is assured to be compatible with all popular browsers and can be easily and efficiently maintained by any web design professional. There is no need for me to disrupt or modify your current web site.
Mobile Site Design

Did I mention that all this is custom-designed just for you and that YOU own the finished code? No templates that constrict designs or incur monthly fees.

And, as always you can talk with or meet with me personally to discuss your needs.

Get the jump on your competitors and become mobile enabled.